10 Bizarre Methods To Heal Yourself In Video Games

9. Deluxe Chocolate - Boktai 3

Far Cry Healing

Although you might not initially realise it, Deluxe Chocolate is a serious luxury in the game, seeing as you get a single piece in the whole of the entire game. And - as anyone who has eaten an entire bar of chocolate without even realising can attest (we've all been there) - this isn't really enough.

Hilariously though, the game gives you this lone piece to sort of prank you, as it never explains that you can actually make more without really any work. In order to craft this item, all you need to do is to place a piece of chocolate over another piece in the item menu and then... wait for them to melt together.

Is this ever hinted at? No! But the fact it isn't does admittedly leave you feeling like a professional chocolatier when you actually do work it out (even if you almost definitely have to find this out by accident).


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