10 Bizarre Methods To Heal Yourself In Video Games

8. Tiger Shark - Runescape

Far Cry Healing

Fishing isn't exactly a newfound frontier when it comes to healing. As much as Finding Nemo's sharks tried to deny it, fish are food, and food is good for you, so it's not exactly rocket science.

But some fish are a little less normal to eat than others. Take, for example, the tiger shark which you can catch and eat in Runescape.

Now, we all love a but of sushi now and then, but eating a just-fished shark moments after its once beating heart has stilled seems... maybe a little bit far, to say the least. One the plus side, you do have to cook it first, so it's not as though you can literally scoop it out of a river and chow down, but still.

That said, it is one of the better healing items in the game, so go ahead, get to chomping on that shark meat.


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