10 Bizarre Video Game Cameos No One Saw Coming

We definitely didn't feel THESE coming in the air tonight...

Black Ops 2 Jimmy Kimmel

Let's be honest, any one of us would jump at the chance to appear in a video game - ANY video game - but we sadly don't have that option.

Celebrities, however, do have the luxury of appearing in games, and even being the star attraction on occasion - "Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure On Soccer Island" being the obvious example...

"Celebrity is as celebrity does", right Professor Lockhart?

Games are now big business, rivalling Hollywood in the entertainment stakes, so it's little wonder that everybody is trying to get in on the act.

The kids who grew up playing eight and sixteen bit titles on retro systems are now the movie stars and talk show hosts of the day.

Whether these sports stars, actors, musicians and comedians simply lend their likeness to a character, provide a voice over, or even step into the motion capture suit, celebrities appearing in video games is now as commonplace as famous fans turning up in Star Wars movies.

Whilst it's fair enough to find Hugh Jackman in a Wolverine game or Lena Headey in a Game of Thrones title, some gaming cameos are much stranger and way more surprising.

Here then are ten bizarre video game cameos NO ONE saw coming.

10. Jimmy Kimmel - Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Black Ops 2 Jimmy Kimmel

American talk show host and alleged comedian Jimmy Kimmel made a surprise appearance in Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops, featuring in the game's two ending sequences.

Not content with simply starring in the "There's a Soldier In All Of Us" trailer, alongside Kobe Bryant, Jake Gyllenhaal and others, Kimmel can be seen in the game behind his famous desk, interviewing Chloe "Karma" Lynch - the game's tattooed heroine.

Lynch, in one ending, appears post-game as a guest on Kimmel's talk show.

Discussing her recent achievements including, you know, saving the world, Lynch proceeds to throw shade at series antagonist Raul Menendez live on TV.

Watching from his prison cell - Dark Knight Rises style - Menendez is understandably pissed off upon hearing this slam, repeatedly smashing his head off the screen in anger.

The second ending sees Menendez actually escape from prison, and has Kimmel explaining to the viewers that Menendez had actually declined an offer to appear on the show due to a prior engagement, an unexpected anniversary.

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