10 Bold Predictions For The New Gaming Generation

9. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Continues Onto PS6

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Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake was one of the PS4's swan song titles, and came out late enough in the console's life cycle - just seven months before the PS5 was released - that many assumed it would be a cross-generational game.

True to form for Square Enix, FFVII Remake spent an age in development, hitting stores almost five years after it was first announced.

Now, given that we know the remake project is intended to be at least three games, is it really a guarantee that the series will indeed wrap up on PS5?

Considering that the first volume covered only a fraction of the original title, it wouldn't be at all surprising to see Final Fantasy VII Remake end up a four-game project, at which point it almost unavoidably spills onto the PS6.

Given that Square also has the impending Final Fantasy XVI to deal with and the possibility of a fourth Kingdom Hearts game later in the generation, it'd be totally on-brand for the company to make the FFVII Remake franchise span three generations of games consoles - PS4 to PS6.

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