10 BONE-BREAKING Video Game Moves That Made You Wince

9. Suplex - Resident Evil 4

Throughout the Resident Evil franchise, the main characters usually have two means of attack; shoot or stab. But for Resident Evil 4, the protagonist, Leon Kennedy, is not afraid to use his combat skills when confronted with hostiles.

If you stun the zombies (they're not technically zombies but let's not get into that), Leon can perform a number of melee moves including a dropkick, a roundhouse, or knocking their head off with a flying kick. Using melee moves is a great way to save on ammo (and it's crucial while playing on Hard Mode).

However, the most famous melee attack has to be the belly-to-belly suplex. If you kneecap an enemy, you can wrap your arms around them, and flip them over, forcing them to land on their head full-force. As painful as this wrestling move looks, what really sells it is the squelching sound you hear as the zombie's head smashes into the pavement.

Sometimes, you will be blasting zombies from all directions and you will perform a suplex completely by accident. Unintentionally performing this move can catch you off-guard so much, you can't help but scream.

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