10 Breathtaking Video Game Soundtracks You Need To Hear

The game soundtracks that blew everybody away.

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When it comes to making video games, hours upon hours of work is poured in by massive development teams to ensure the vision being created is as good as it can possibly be.

However, one aspect of video games that doesn't get nearly as much attention is the musical scores that bring these games to life in ways no other part of the production process can.

In addition to the wonderful voice actors who humanise the characters we meet, the teams of talented artists whose vision becomes the world we interact with, or the programmers and coders who make the game playable, the composers and musicians' roles should never be underestimated.

Much like film, music in games plays a key part in establishing the tone and atmosphere of what's in front of us. Add the wrong music into a sequence and an emotionally devastating moment could completely lose its impact just as easily as a scary moment could become comedic.

Consequently, whenever games nail their respective soundtracks, the experience of playing them can be unbelievably breathtaking.

Even removed from their game, these soundtracks are spectacular in their own right.

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