10 Brilliant Sequels That Saved Dying Video Game Franchises

9. Red Dead Redemption

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Now, I know what you're likely saying here - "Red Dead Redemption is the first game in the series!" - and you are, technically, right.

You're also technically wrong, though, as it's a successor to Rockstar's Red Dead Revolver series, and thus the second game in the Red Dead series. Red Dead Revolver is also a rootin', tootin' tale of the wild west, but one that received significantly more mixed reviews than the later edition.

Many levied the criticism that Revolver felt like a series of fake environments placed together; entertaining, but ultimately artificial feeling.

Now, Red Dead Redemption was a phenomenal game in many regards, but not least in how detailed the world is - to the point that this and the story and the two parts of the game most praised.

This in mind, Red Dead Redemption really was the redemption of the franchise - taking it from "just another shooter with little thought to the surroundings", to something far more special.

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