10 Brilliant Sequels That Saved Dying Video Game Franchises

8. Hitman: Silent Assassin

hitman video game
Warner Bros. Interactive

The first Hitman was a lot of fun - just, a lot of fun so long as you had the patience to watch the AI go absolutely wild in ways our mere mortal brains could simply never predict, or otherwise your disguises themselves to go weirdly haywire.

While this made for some very entertaining playing, it also made for understandably frustrating experiences, as it often completely sabotaged the stealth aspect the game was supposed to operate on.

It seems there was an awareness of this, though, as the tastefully named "Hitman: Silent Assassin" made good on the promise made in its name, by making you an actual silent assassin.

Add to this the ability to save mid mission (which was painfully absent in the first game), and the sequel took the parts of the series that were frustrating, and got rid of them - allowing Agent 47 to be the unstoppable killing machine you love to play.

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