10 Brutal Video Game Scenes You Didn't Want To Control

Push X to "Put the baby in the oven"

Witcher 3 baby oven
CD Projekt RED

Video games are pretty special in their ability to transport us to gorgeous fantasy realms and experience all sorts of things we’d never get to in real life.

By that I largely mean casting spells, becoming a folklore hero, committing a medium amount of grand theft auto in a totally harmless way, and exploring the galaxy. But of course those aren’t the only things video games let you experience, you can also get a first-hand feel for some of the nastiest things a person would ever have to go through.

Sometimes in first person! Yay!

That’s where we’re headed with this list. A good handful of times that video games confronted you with some positively gruesome situations and forced you to sit there and participate. Or turn it off. Totally up to you.

I’ve gone and omitted the obvious Spec Ops: The Line White Phosphorus and Modern Warfare 2’s No Russian mission because while I’d love to bring them up again and they totally apply, it’s been said. A lot.


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