10 Brutal Video Game Scenes You Didn't Want To Control

10. Spork Eye Removal - Tales From The Borderlands

tales from the borderlands spork

I’m guessing after that title two thoughts are occurring to you. The first being what could possibly qualify for a list about brutal scenes in a comedic Telltale game, and the second being just how many of these entries are going to involve body parts being removed?

To the first I say, don’t worry this one is gross, and to the second, a lot of them. In fact the vast majority involve you or someone else getting maimed. I know, strap in.

For this particular instance of eyeball infiltration, and yes there is more than one on the list, our heroes need to bypass a retinal scanner. The bad news is none of their eyes will do the trick but the good news is a general with access can be found nearby and he can’t protest as he appears to be deceased. The corpse is locked down but the eye isn’t so inevitably protagonist Fiona needs to scoop out the eye using the only tool handy, a spork. It’s a bit of a long process with plenty of unpleasant button prompts to pull off until it’s properly severed. You also kick off with a false start by accidentally obliterating the first eye.

While the Telltale art style isn’t the most horrifying lens to watch such a thing, you do have to endure most of the scoopage from the perspective of the guy getting maimed so, yeah, yuck.


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