10 Brutally Hard Decisions Video Games Forced You To Make

10. Killing Dwayne Or Playboy X - Grand Theft Auto IV


GTA IV's car handling might have been so hard to get a handle on that it retains its status as the outlier in an otherwise solid canon of video games. One thing it absolutely nailed, however, was atmosphere and tone.

Niko's bleak tale of seeking 'the American Dream' off the back of broken promises from his cousin was a very interesting one, as well as the situations he found himself in because of it. Enter Dwayne, a former high-profile gangster who emerges from a considerable stint in prison, only to find one Playboy X has overtaken what was once his. Out of sheer pride and dissatisfaction for the way things now are, he's an incredibly dour individual - but one that Niko gets on with.

There comes a point where both Playboy and Dwayne decide the other must be taken out, but as you're an associate of both, the game leaves the decision up to you. Do you take out the wounded, respected old dog who looks to be on a downward spiral, or the peppy young upstart who's more cocky than a KFC production line? Blowing Playboy's brains out nets you his swanky condo pad, whereas killing Dwayne only results in more sorrow for Niko, and you can only choose one...

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