10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Made Millions

10. TimeSplitters 4

Platform: PlayStation 3 TimeSplitters is one of those video game franchises that - at mere utterance of the title - causes nostalgic players to tilt their heads back and relive the glory days. All three games in the series were bonafide brilliance, and given their success, it seemed entirely likely that - soon enough - Timesplitters 4 would find its way into the world. Nope: over a decade has gone by since TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, and the game has remained AWOL ever since. What gives? Pretty much, the lack of TimeSplitters 4 can be attributed to the deal that saw Free Radical - the company that developed the original games - bought out by Crytek. Talk of crowd-funding gave momentary hope to fans of the iconic series, but this was short-lived. Steve Ellis, a former TimeSplitter series developer, spoke out in 2013, citing the fact that "marketing teams need a character to put on the box" nowadays - pretty much code for "this project is dead, folks."

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