10 Cancelled Video Games You Won't Believe Were In Development

7. Gotham By Gaslight

Batman Gotham By Gaslight
Day 1 Studios

I was looking through the Xbox Marketplace for a film to rent the other night, and I saw “Samurai Batman”. I initially thought, “well, that’s stupid, how can Batman be a samurai?!”, before remembering that Batman is a rich, mentally-disturbed orphan who dresses up like a tiny fruit-eating nocturnal mammal in order to beat up people in alleyways with complete anonymity.

So, with a bit of perspective back in the mix, I looked at Gotham By Gaslight with a bit more leniency, and started to think... “hey, Batman versus Jack the Ripper would be pretty neat!”

One of the most novel ideas for the game, in my opinion, is the use of “cutting-edge technology” - taking place in 1889, electricity wasn’t as prevalent (and most people would still be using gas lanterns), so Batman using a (gasp) handheld torch and rudimentary taser would give him more than an advantage in a scrap. Can you imagine wee Nigel trying escape Bats on his horse and cart, only for the Dark Knight to take pursuit in the Batmobile MK 1, resembling Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, getting up to twenty miles per hour? Dramatic!

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