10 Cancelled Video Games You Won't Believe Were In Development

8. Kameo 2

Batman Gotham By Gaslight

Kameo: Elements of Power is one of those games that, if you’ve played it, the chances are you’ll sing the praises of the concept, character design, and scope. But, the problem was, it perhaps bit off a chunk more than it could chew, and it crumpled under the weight of its own ambition.

The titular Kameo is a young elf who, during her journey, finds ten unique elemental spirits which help her transform into new creatures, each one novel and interesting in their own right. There’s 40 Below, an abominable snowman who rolls along on a chunky snowball; Thermite, a timid ant with a cauldron of searing-hot lava on his back; Rubble, a literal pile of stones, and many more.

In addition to that lofty ambition, some believed Kameo was too lighthearted for the Xbox brand (aye, some people are eejits), and so the follow-up game was going to be a lot darker in tone, with a revamped art style to boot.

I had the privilege of working first-hand with some of the geniuses of Rare during Kameo 2’s development, where discussions of new elements (such as light and poison), reimagined characters (Thermite would become Atomite, a new nuclear elemental) and antagonists (the lizard-like Sargothans) were only heating up... before the decision to cancel the title was made.

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