10 Cancelled Video Games You Won't Believe Were In Development

What could have been.

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Do you ever sit and get melancholy for the past, wondering what might’ve been? Things that could’ve changed your life for the better, if only you’d have followed through?

If you’d only said yes to going on that date to see Shrek with Bernadette from Sunday school.

If only you’d said yes to that second mashed potato sandwich. Yes, I’m aware that I’ve already had three and that my potato-impacted intestines hurt, but another one would have absolutely made me happier.

Gaming is no different. The pain we feel from realising we could’ve had something so beautiful, but, tragically, it wasn’t meant to be. As we play our rubbish new games that actually did release (boo!), we think about all those resplendent titles that would never come to be, and feel their thorns forever aching on our analogue-stick fingers.

And no, I’m not going to mention Scalebound. Not once. Okay, so, that once, but not again. That dead horse (wyvern?) has been beaten so thoroughly that it’s practically a mythological beast smoothie.

Instead, there are plenty more to get stuck into.

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