10 Celebrities Who Ruined Their Own Video Games

9. Michael Jackson - Space Channel 5: Part 2

New Vegas Matthew Perry

Michael Jackson seemed like a good idea for a cameo in the sci-fi rhythm game Space Channel 5: a game where you play as a news reporter engaging in dance battles with alien entities. With its emphasis on catchy music, Jackson was brought in to cameo thanks to his history working with SEGA in games such as Moonwalker and Sonic 3.

This may have been quite a clever idea at the time, but the sad fact of the matter is that Jackson's cameo is marred by his failing reputation as the years went on. Space Channel 5 may not have featured Jackson during his golden era a la Moonwalker, but soon after 2002 - the year of its release - is when Jackson started to become heavily involved in sexual abuse allegations and legal trials.

Because of these events, as well as further evidence emerging in documentaries such as Leaving Neverland, his cameo mars the whole experience. In the end, it makes the game quite uncomfortable, especially since the cameo is a reflection of Jackson during the worst, most controversial years of his career.


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