10 Celebrities Who Ruined Their Own Video Games

8. Shaquille O' Neal - Shaq Fu

New Vegas Matthew Perry
Electronic Arts

Shaq-Fu is one of the most famous mistakes of the video game industry. Originally pitched to Shaquille O’Neal by Delphine Software as a basketball game, he pitched a very different idea back to Delphine: because he was such a fan of Mortal Kombat, he wanted a 2d fighter instead.

Delphine, who had more experience in making adventure games than fighting games, were well aware that they couldn’t compete with already popular Street Fighter. Thus, they built Shaq-Fu using the same rotoscoping technique they had used for their previous project Flashback - using live actors on a blue screen - in order to make a title that would stand out through visual merit. They even went so far as to hire a real Kung-Fu expert to direct the action sequences in order to make the fighting more realistic.

However, all of this effort was for naught as Shaq-Fu ended up being heavily criticized and shunned. It turned out that people really struggled to get behind a 2d fighter where Shaquille O’Neal faces off against mythical beings. As a result, the planned sequel was cancelled and a 2018 entry – Shaq-Fu A Legend Reborn – was also met with very mixed reception.


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