10 Celebrities Who Ruined Their Own Video Games

7. Bruce Willis - Apocalypse

New Vegas Matthew Perry

Before they found success with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Neversoft developed the 'killer app' action game Apocalypse, starring Bruce Willis. It was marketed solely on the fact that unlike other tie-ins such as The Fifth Element or Die Hard Trilogy, this was actually going to star Bruce Willis in an original main role.

Sadly, though the gameplay was reasonably enjoyable, Bruce Willis’ dialogue was the lowest point of the experience for players. His delivery is unenthusiastic, flat, and highly repetitive. It pulls the audience out of the experience instead of immersing them in the world.

However, this was more of a mistake for Neversoft than Willis. Originally, he was to be the sidekick to a main player character, but after recording his lines Neversoft decided to make his character the main protagonist. Willis couldn't return to record more dialogue, so Neversoft had to make do with the lines he had already recorded because they were contractually obligated to have him in the game.


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