10 Character Builds That BROKE Video Games - Commenter Edition

Gaming the system.

Not too long ago we made a list filled with character builds that broke video games and you guys had plenty of suggestions for more ingenious builds that essentially made you god king of whatever you were playing.

Now because we adore you, and yes, read the comments, I’ve compiled a brand new set of entries made up entirely of your favourite ways to break games with clever builds.

Whether these are brand new ways of breaking some of the games we already mentioned or nifty ideas for builds that can shatter games we haven’t brought up yet, there’s plenty in here for those of you who want a shortcut to greatness so you can feel like the all-conquering hero protagonist I know you are.


10. 55 Monk - Guild Wars

guild wars 55 monk

The 55 Monk build from Guild Wars appears to be a stand out favourite of yours that was missing from the original list so I’ll put it right at the top here to fix that as soon as possible.

As the name implies this is a build based around the monk profession as your primary, and the 55 refers to your health which, if you don’t know anything about Guild Wars, is the lowest possible health. I know it doesn’t sound amazing so far but stick with me. Essentially you’ll be taking on all the HP reducing items to get your health to only 55 and then utilising the Protective Spirit enchantment which limits incoming damage at 10% percentage of your maximum health. In essence this means you end up taking only 5 damage which is easily healed and is why this build is also nicknamed Invincible Monk.

Top that up with constant regen and even if you did take damage it’d be fixed up before you even noticed you took a hit.

You can pretty much deal damage however it suits you on top of this flexible base build but anything offensive coupled with energy management skills is going to make you pretty unstoppable.

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