10 Characters That Should Be Added To Marvel's Avengers

Avengers Assemble!

Marvel's Avengers Doctor Strange Black Panther

With the news that Spider-Man and Hawkeye will soon be joining the ranks of Crystal Dynamics' latest game, as well as leaks that War Machine, She Hulk and Kate Bishop may be on their way, it's time to start thinking about some of the other heroes that deserve a spot defending San Francisco.

As Square Enix has already stated they'll be pushing a live service model, there's nothing to stop them from bringing in fresh, new characters from the Marvel universe for years to come. And while Marvel's roster could fill an entire galaxy at this point, there are a few standout heroes who would be ideally suited to suit up and blast away.

With that in mind, here's a list of the most important (and fun) heroes for Crystal Dynamics to draft in, all with their own unique power levels, personalities, and, most importantly, play-styles.

Whether it's more gadget based, support characters to complement massive powerhouses like Hulk and Thor, or some much needed heroes with an emphasis on speed and agility, these additions are a must have for any super team game.

Let's just hope this many characters in one place doesn't lead to Civil War.

10. Shang-Chi

Marvel's Avengers Doctor Strange Black Panther
Marvel Comics

Given the fact that Shan-Chi's about to be catapulted into the mainstream with his MCU debut "Legend of the Ten Rings," there's no better time to include the world's best martial artist into a game about punching people.

Shan Chi would be a great choice for a "Street Fighter" style character, with special combo moves and buttery smooth chain attacks being a good way to provide some decent visual flair. Not that Marvel's Avengers seems to be lacking in that department. Looking at you, Mjolnir.

While Black Widow also seems to be hand-to-hand focused, and Captain America has his shield, it'd be impressive to see a character's move-set be directly inspired by real martial arts, with more intricate and complicated animations. Yeah, Iron Man's great, but it's not exactly difficult to point your hand at something and go "pew."

There's also a wide variety of play-styles Shang-Chi could utilise, considering how in the comics he's known to own a small armory of weapons. From electrified Nunchaku to Chi Bracelets designed by Tony Stark himself, Taskmaster's going to have a hard time copying some of these weird and wonderful designs.


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