10 Classic Cheats That Shaped Video Game History

Game_Genie_Wallpaper_1_by_xIvanCorex One of the best things about rules is the myriad ways they can be broken, and video games provide an especially fruitful arena for those who like to break the rules. Gamers can exploit flaws in a game€™s design to gain access to places they aren't supposed to be able to go, use an intentionally programmed code or shortcut to give themselves an unfair advantage, or trigger glitches that allow unharmed passage through difficult sections. In the context of video games, the word €œcheat€ has a broad definition: a cheat can be any code you input that changes how the game normally plays, looks or sounds. Not all of these are helpful, and in fact, some cheats actually make the game more challenging. Other codes simply change the in-game sprites or have some novel effect unrelated to difficulty entirely. Whether it€™s to beat a game in the fastest time possible or simply to test a game to its limits and see what it will and won€™t allow, gamers relish in finding ways to play games on their own terms rather than the rule maker€™s. The ten cheats on this list have all been significant in the history of video game development. Some of them have been intentionally replicated as homages or become fixtures in franchises. Some have been done away with in later games by tighter design. Still others made the list simply because of their significance or prominence in the culture. In any case, these ten cheats are ones every gamer knows. Give them a try yourself if you haven€™t already...
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