10 Classic Games Missing From The Sega Mega Drive Mini

In October, Sega is hitting us in the face with Mega Drive nostalgia. But there's something missing.


Who doesn't have fond memories of the Sega Mega Drive? It can be quite hard to believe nowadays, but back in the day, Sega was every bit the gaming juggernaut Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are now.

There's still a lot of nostalgia around classic games for the Mega Drive. Sega knows this better than anyone, and that's why they're releasing the official Sega Mega Drive Mini this October.

Over the last few months, Sega has been trickling out the official game list for the Mega Drive Mini. It's an alright bunch with a good selection of games, but browsing through them, there's just some games that are missing that should be on there.

Let's have a look at which ones should have made the cut.


10. Sonic 3 (& Knuckles)


You could argue that the Mega Drive Mini has plenty of Sonic on it already, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2 and Sonic Spinball. But how on earth can you miss what is not only the best Sonic game on the system, but perhaps the best ever?

Sonic 3 and its counterpart semi-sequel Sonic & Knuckles should have been included on the Mega Drive Mini too.

While Sonic 2 remains a genuinely excellent game, it's 3 where the series really shone. Great levels with excellent design full of loops, twists and all kinds of great boss fights. A pumping soundtrack, allegedly created by Michael Jackson. A wide amount of replayability, thanks to being able to use Knuckles to explore different routes through levels. It was all here, bundled in a super-slick package.

It's an odd decision for Sega to omit this one from the package given Sonic is their mascot.

Let's just not mention the barrel of doom in Carnival Night Zone. Hands up who spent ages trying to get past that, only to discover as an adult you just press up and down?

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