10 Classic Movies That Should Have Been Video Games

7. All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front is one of the most famous anti-war films ever made. It also happens to take place during the First World War, a time period that while not completely unexplored in video games is rather paltry in comparison to just how many games have us storming the beaches of Normandy. How to do it: Having a Call of Duty style game set in World War I wouldn€™t be too terribly interesting. This is why this particular source material might be the one to use to create an immersive game that does more than just spawn waves of enemy troops for the player to shoot. A game based on AQWF would have to take a Spec Ops: The Line approach and endeavor to make the player feel guilt for gunning down soldiers who cry out for their mothers and lovers as they sink to the ground, their entrails spilling out of ruptured bellies. Have the gamer helplessly watch as a comrade dies slowly wrapped within barbed, or partake in any of a number of atrocities that could happen within no man€™s land. Bleak and grotesque? Undoubtedly. But I€™d rather play a game that tries to make me feel something€”even if it€™s disgust and horror€”than load up another well-polished cookie-cutter shooter that sells war as a blockbuster and allows you to witness the explosion of the Eiffel Tower at 60 FPS.

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