10 Classic Nintendo Games That NEED A Re-Release

9. Super Mario Sunshine

Metroid prime

A few months ago, rumours of a Super Mario All Star-style package bundling Mario's various 3D outings took the internet by storm. While fans are keeping their fingers crossed for an announcement confirming the collection, no details have been teased about just how such a collection would work, with fans unsure whether Nintendo would build the titles from the ground up or provided more straightforward ports.

While Super Mario 64 is (controls and graphics aside) a near-perfect game, its GameCube follow-up Super Mario Sunshine needs more than just a graphical touch-up.

Though Sunshine was generally well received, a few obvious flaws has kept it from achieving the heights of 64, Odyssey and the Galaxy series. Still, Sunshine has obtained something of a cult following in recent years, with some Mario fans citing it as their favourite of all the plumber's outings. And it's not hard to see why - the game's unique FLOOD-based gameplay proved an interesting way to shake-up the series, and Sunshine's Yoshi sections remain a joy to play.

A proper remaster can fix some of the game's glaring issues, such as repetitive purple coin missions and infuriating camera control problems, providing a more streamlined experience.

What's more, Odyssey demonstrates there's more than enough appetite for more collect-a-thon Mario games.


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