10 Classic Video Games That Deserve A Next Generation Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider is leading the way with spruced up versions of last-generation titles, what else would you revisit with a few tweaks and upgrades?

Just as Ms Croft was recently enhanced with shiny new effects and more dynamic hair for the Xbox One and PS4 in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, the time is more than nigh for other companies to jump on the bandwagon and start delivering definitive editions of classic games from the last generation of gaming consoles. Let's face it, there's ample pickings to be had. Just like the last generation saw game companies revamping games and giving them the HD treatment, there's no reason why we can't experience some absolute gems again in super shiny HD rather than just plain old boring HD (which is, naturally, so very last season). It is now my job to wade through the vast quagmire of excellent games we've had over the past few years and narrow it down to just ten games that are without a doubt in high demand for the Definitive Edition treatment. Would you pay for these again already, even if its just the same game with a new coat of paint?

10. Batman: Arkham Asylum

The definitive Batman game, revamped for next gen consoles with a definitive edition? Yes please! Certainly one of the best games to come from the last console generation, Batman Arkham Asylum was a masterpiece. Unlike anything else on the market at the time, the dynamic combat system, exploration, hidden secrets and compelling storyline all combined together to bring Batman back to the gaming scene with a massive bang, plenty of gadgets and many broken limbs. Although its been followed up pretty quickly by two sequels (Arkham City and Arkham Origins), the original game in this trilogy is the one many are yearning to relive. Arkham at the time looked great; full of grit and realism that other superhero games could only dream of. To see that again with a brand new coat of paint and perhaps some new content thrown in for good measure would be fantastic until Rocksteady get their act together and release a new next-gen Batman game for Xbox One and PS4.

Dan Curtis is approximately one-half videogame knowledge, and the other half inexplicable Geordie accent. He's also one quarter of the Factory Sealed Retro Gaming podcast.