10 Classic Video Games Only Extended By Stupid Enemy Decisions

What if the baddie just shot the good guy when he had him in his sights?

We've all sat through a classic Bond film and thought "Stop explaining every minute detail of your plan and just kill the guy!", and the same is often true of games as well. Often due to their own arrogance, a video game villain will toy with the weakened protagonist for far too long, giving them a ripe chance to escape, evade death and then vanquish the Big Bad once and for all. It's a trope as old as storytelling itself, and though countless fantastic games would certainly be a lot shorter without a little enemy idiocy, one can't help but imagine what a more realistic depiction of events would have looked like. What if the baddie shot the good guy when he had him in his sights? What if he just thought a little about the possible repercussions of his actions and planned accordingly? Instead, these bad guys demonstrated no foresight whatsoever, and the result was their own downfall. Are there any we missed? Or do you disagree with any entries on this list? As ever, the comments are always at your disposal!

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