10 Clear-Cut Examples Of Video Game False Advertising

Whats a few bald faced lies when you've got video games to sell!

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False advertising is a pervasive issue in video games; it's almost impossible to explore promotional material in games without coming across something that either won't make it into the final product or is nothing like what you are seeing on screen.

While mostly harmless, video games miselad the public more often than we would like. Sometimes it's so bad that they require lawsuits to sift through all the lies. No matter the level of deception, i think we can all agree that video games get away with misleading their audiences far too often.

So here we are, ready to hold video games accountable and shine a light on their shady practices. Gathered here are the times video games pushed the lines and tried to trick you into buying something that might not even exist. Some are a cheeky bit of misdirection, while others were so bad they made Steam change the rules of its platform.

10. Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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Lets start of small, and by small we mean completely pointless. In a truly strange attempt to mislead audiences, Ubisoft took the stage at Microsoft’s inside Xbox event, announcing to an excited crowd that they were about to get a first look into Assassins Creed Vallhalla’s gameplay.

When the trailer began, fans were eager to see the gameplay for the newest title in the Assassin’s Creed Series. This eagerness quickly turned to disappointment as it became quickly apparant that this grand gameplay trailer, didn’t actually have any gameplay in it.

In the scale of false advertising this is a small offense, but it's also an extremely pointless one. Ubisoft didn’t need to claim this trailer was a gameplay trailer; they could have just released it as another cinematic trailer. Either they were looking to stir up controversy or they really think fans are stupid enough to believe it. Either way it's a bit insulting.

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