10 Clear-Cut Examples Of Video Game False Advertising

9. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Square Enix

Moving on from pointless lies to a bit of cheeky misdirection. You probably know what we are talking with this one but just in case, there are some major spoilers ahead! Skip this one if you want to remain unspoiled, okay? Lets go! The original Final Fantasy 7 is an immensely popular game, with many people considering it a contender for greatest game of all time. So, when the FF7 remake was announced there was a lot of pressure.

With all of the expectations placed on the game, Square Enix were eager to market the game as a remake. Pushing the narrative that this would be a high definition recreation of the original content, with the gameplay being updated while everything else remained faithful.

Then upon the game's release, audiences were surprised to see changes to the story. At first these were mostly just small additions, exploring existing characters with new side missions and a few new cutscenes. This is the case until the end of the game, when it is revealed that the entire game has been a build up to changing the story of the original and making a new adventure going forward. No matter how you feel about this change, it certainly isn’t a faithful remake.

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