10 Co-Op Video Games That Created More Enemies Than Friends

Keep your friends close... so you can punch them in the arm.

If the history of multiplayer gaming has taught us anything, it's that the surest way to turn gamers against each other isn't to pit them head-to-head, but to make them work together. Co-op games are designed to afford two or more players the ability to share a gaming experience without necessarily putting them in direct competition. They are meant to put you through a rigorous journey that cannot be survived unless everyone involved learns to work together.

Along the way, the hope is that the shared experiences and trials will create lasting friendships (probably). But in the case of some games, that couldn't be further from how things turn out. Some co-op games prove to be so frustrating - or simply broken - that they in turn lead to the kind of intense gaming warzone that even the best combative multiplayer titles could never create.

Some co-op games, just want to watch those friendships burn...

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