10 Co-Op Video Games That Created More Enemies Than Friends

10. Borderlands Makes Loot More Important Than Any Relationship

Borderlands Gun
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Loot systems have long been the source of my deepest gaming addictions. There is something so satisfying about working your way through an increasingly better series of equipment while holding out hope that a particularly elusive piece of swag will randomly drop your way. Sometimes though, the experience feels like a hoarding simulator.

Which is why it€™s so very difficult to carry that style of gameplay into a cooperative environment. Borderlands is at its best when you are able to assemble a fire team to purge the wastelands, and at its worst when you and said team must somehow agree on how to split all the sweet, sweet loot that comes from your efforts. Even the best laid loot-divvying plans can become undone when one player happens to grab the best item through what they claim to have been 'an accident'.

But you know better. You know they took it out of a personal sense of spite for you and everything you stand for. The only possible (and mature) recourse is to then steal everything they would ever love from that moment on.

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