10 Completely Pointless Video Game Details (That Will Blow Your Mind)

Skyrim is so alive, even the ants have places to be.

Assassin S Creed Origins

Made over a number of years with sometimes hundreds of people working on a project at a time, although players are quick to paint video game developers and publishers as lazy, the amount of detail that goes unnoticed in popular releases is astonishing.

Admittedly, sometimes the attention to detail that developers manage to cram into their releases is recognised - with the likes of Rocksteady's Arkham series or Rockstar's GTA franchise often being commended for the density of their environments - but a lot of nifty little features that hammer home the believability of a game's world are usually overlooked entirely.

With that said, while a lot of amazing detail is ignored, there are some unnoticed features in games that must have taken hours and hours of manpower to be painstakingly crafted and implemented that seem completely pointless in retrospect.

That's not to say it's not cool or crazy to know that they've been hiding under our noses the whole time, but after knowing they exist you get the feeling that the time spent on making these otherwise inconsequential features could have been used on parts of a game that actually needed more work.

10. Deadshot's Name Is Written On All The Shell Casings In Arkham Knight

Assassin S Creed Origins
WB Games

Although his weapons are on display in the GCPD, Deadshot doesn't physically appear during Arkham Knight. However that's not to say that the villain still doesn't have a hand in trying to take you down, as his name is actually engraved on the RPG shells that are fired by the tanks throughout the title.

When you're being fired upon in the Batmobile, if you enter photo mode and check out the missiles, you'll notice that they're all engraved with the villain's name. You'd never notice if you were just regularly playing the game, but it's a reminder that Batman's enemies are always out to get him, even if it's only by supplying another villain with a heap of explosives with their name all over them.

As a bonus entry, Halo 3 did the same thing back in 2007, engraving a name on every single bullet that was fired, a fact that was only discovered when players stumbled across it while messing around with the Theatre mode.

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