10 Confusing Video Game Levels We NEVER Want To Play Again

Escaping from hell really felt like it.

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Video games can be beautiful, exciting, mind-expanding things at the best of times. They can also be so hard, so broken, and so infuriating that they make us want to cry.

As you’ve probably gathered, this is not a list about those awe-inspiring moments that made us glad to be gamers, it’s about those other times.

Specifically, the levels in video games both great and not so great that made us want to tear our hair out for being either mechanically confounding, unreasonably difficult, or a combination of the two.

Things are going to get frustrating but it’s okay, we’ll get through it together.


10. Nightmare Blood Trail - Max Payne

Max Payne

While checking out a gameplay video of this one on YouTube the description read, “Easily the worst part of any game I have ever had the displeasure of having to complete,” and that’s just too good of a sentence not to repeat to you or to leave out of this list.

Quite apart from being difficult to complete, these levels are horribly unsettling. If we’re talking confusing levels then the maze of long dark corridors and painful blood tightrope you’ll need to navigate in Max’s nightmare certainly qualifies. If you haven’t played this one, basically Max has a nightmare about the night his wife and daughter died and you get to play it! Yay.

To get through the trickiest part of the level you need to explore a pitch black room, attempting to firstly not fall off and subsequently jump between blood trails on the floor while listening to thumping music and a baby crying the entire time. It doesn’t help that this isn’t a precision platformer and Max isn’t exactly a gymnast. Fall off the blood trail and you’re booted back to the beginning. What’s more, this is actually an excellent game, it’s just a purely horrible level.

Whether it was the controls broke your brain on this one, the terror, or your total inability to find out where you were supposed to be going, I don’t think any of us want to play this bit again.

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