10 CRAZIEST Things Nintendo Has Ever Done

9. The Nintendo 64 Controller

Nintendo love hotel

When the game industry made the collective jump to 3D, they mostly followed the example set by Nintendo and the Nintendo 64. After all, it was the first one to really dedicate itself to 3D graphics, and with successes like Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time, it's easy to see why everyone else in the game just nodded at each other and agreed that this was the way to go.

Thank god no such agreement was made about following the example of their controller design.

I don't know what this controller was designed for, but it sure as hell wasn't a human hand.

It's one of those designs where you can totally see the mindset behind it (some games on the 64 only use the D-pad while others need the analog stick, so best to just give both room) but in practice, the controller is clunky, unwieldy, and just a pain to use overall.

This isn't the worst decision Nintendo ever made, but it's hilarious to think they looked at this and thought "Yup, this is how humans hold controllers!"

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