10 Creepiest Legend Of Zelda Enemies

That Twilight Princess cutscene still haunts us to this day.

legend of zelda dark link

Watch out and listen, mute brave, Hero of Time.

You’ve awaken at last from your long slumber, but are you ready to carry out your sacred quest despite the interference of terrifying monsters?

Of course you are, you're the chosen one. Nothing can hurt you permanently and if you die, a fairy in a bottle will fix you right up. However, a lingering feeling of uncertainty remains with players as they progress through dark dungeons and marvellous kingdoms.

It’s a subtle itch, a gust of cold air in the back of the head. It’s fear, even if they don’t realize it at first.

It’s the unnerving sensation of not knowing what creature is hidden in the next corner; the sheer creepiness of enemies slowly digging a hole into your mind.

Either by ghastly guises or dreadful descriptions in manuals and other pieces of lore, some foes have the frightening potential to interrupt your heroic duties with an array of mystical abilities and inexplicable dark skills.

Keep your sword sharp and your inventory well-stocked - we're heading in.


Honourable Mention: Cuccos

Although not technically an enemy, Cuccos can devastate Link across many Zeldas in a matter of seconds - but only if you decide to lose your cool and engage in animal cruelty.

If you cross that line, the Cucco you attacked first will release a battle cry and summon an entire flock of rabid birds, thirsty for blood.

It can all be avoided, but whatever you do in this series, do not mess with the Cuccos.

It's for your own good.


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