10 Creepy Fallout Locations You Wish You'd Never Visited

Stock up on Rad X and PLENTY of ammo.

Fallout cathedral

Fallout is a franchise that explores the fear every human holds in their hearts: All-out nuclear warfare, and what the world could look like in its aftermath.

It's absolutely chilling to wander around well-known American cities that have been turned into radioactive rubble and understand that everything and everyone we know today could be gone in the future.

While the thought of nuclear warfare and a subsequent apocalypse can be terrifying enough for some, the Fallout franchise goes the extra step by putting in loads of hidden - or not so hidden - locations that are just plain terrifying.

Even the older games in the series, which may have not aged as well as some of the newer entries, still contain plenty of locations across the American Wasteland that can be terrifying to wander into.

In a world where irradiated bugs can grow to be twice the size of a normal human, the following Fallout locations bring a chill to even the most insane raider or enraged super mutant.

Whether secretly hiding an inhuman cult, all-out cannibalism, psychotic robots designed for child care, or even just delving into the horrific experiments of Vault Tech, these locations from throughout the Fallout franchise will certainly make players new or old to the franchise regret ever visiting these creepy locations.

10. Matthew's Animal Husbandry - Fallout New Vegas

Fallout cathedral

Matthew's Animal Husbandry is a small farm located near the NCR Camp Searchlight. At first, it seems that this location simply holds a bunch of wild animals.

Yet, as the player discovers the scattered diary pages of a young boy who lived on the farm, they will uncover the sad tale of how the parents of the boy went into Camp Searchlight to buy some supplies.

Sadly they went right before an attack on the camp by Ceasars Legion, who irradiated everyone inside the camp, turning most of them into ghouls. The boy's diary continues with the aftermath of this attack, describing how the boy waited several days for his parents to return, eventually heading to Camp Searchlight himself, only to find his parents had been turned into ghouls. The player can actually find the graves of the boy's parents nearby the ruined farmhouse.

The rest of the boy's diary describes his descent into madness, eventually accusing the farm animals of plotting his demise. In an attempt to foil their imaginary plot, the boy burned the farmhouse down with himself still inside. The player can actually find the poor boy's remains inside the house, charred from the flames that consumed him.

Each of these little details that the player can uncover combine to tell a chilling tale that makes this ruined farmland a place players will wish they had never found.

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