10 Creepy Gaming Soundtracks Guaranteed To Fuel Your Nightmares

9. Limbo

2010 puzzle platform game Limbo follows the story of a young boy attempting to navigate a series of highly dangerous environments in order to find his sister.

It’s a rather somber experience that wouldn’t immediately be considered part of the horror genre, but thanks to the soundtrack and monochrome colour palette, players find themselves engrossed in an eerie atmosphere of what can only be described as ‘horror ambience’.

The soundtrack relies heavily on the use of rumbling drones and environmental sounds, designed to create the feeling of being in overwhelmingly large, open spaces. The combination of the two aspects can often leave players quite literally shivering, despite the music being reminiscent of relaxing, meditation music.

This feeling of cold emptiness comes thanks to the use of atmospheric sounds such as synth pads, in combination with environmental sounds like rushing water and insects, which, when paired with the visual aspects of the game, players cannot help but feel on edge throughout their experience.

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