10 Criminally Overlooked Gameplay Mechanics

These gameplay mechanics are genius, but hardly anyone got to play them!

Punisher game

It takes a lot of ingredients to make a good video game, but many might argue that the most important is the gameplay. Elements like the storyline, art direction, music, and graphical fidelity play a big part in the flavouring but, at its core, a game needs to wow its audience with mechanics they enjoy.

Some developers take this to heart by sticking to the classics, attempting to finesse features with a proven track record and present them with a fresh coat of paint. However, some venture into braver directions, coming up with new gameplay ideas in the hopes they'll entice players starved for something fresh. Unfortunately, not every game manages to find its audience, and many of these genius mechanics fly under the radar.

This can happen for plenty of reasons, such as a game receiving low sales, corporate meddling stifling the creative direction, or the overall product being lousy. Ultimately, it's the players who suffer, as anyone with a fear of missing out is left pondering what could have been.

These ten mechanics are prime examples of this, as they're so criminally overlooked that someone ought to go to prison for it.

10. Sound Based Gameplay - In Silence

Punisher game
Ravenhood Games

The use of microphones in gaming usually goes hand-in-hand with getting screamed at by salty players or gloating after beating your friends -- or sometimes both at the same time. But there's a lot more this tool can bring to the table, and it's rare to find a game that embraces that as ambitiously as this one.

This 2020 multiplayer indie horror revolves around proximity voice chat. You and your friends have to stay as silent as possible while you work together to escape (or fight) a terrifying monster inspired by the Rake creepypasta. If you've got loud friends, then you won't want them on your team!

One lucky player gets to take on the role of the villainous beastie, who must hunt down their human prey with limited eyesight. The best way to find them is through headphones, keeping an ear out for chatting, whispering, or any sort of noise that hints at their location. The human players can manipulate this system themselves by setting off radios, TVs, or other devices to distract the monster.

In Silence got a bit of a spotlight thanks to the YouTube gaming sphere. Still, for as inventive and unique as the gameplay was, it's a shame it has been left in the annals of flash-in-the-pan horror gaming.


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