10 Criminally Underrated PS4 & Xbox One Games You Must Play

Enjoy some hidden gems before the next generation kicks in.


With the changing of the console generation only a few weeks away at the time of writing, it's easy to approach the situation with a tear in your eye, and it's a tear formed by multiple stimuli.

Firstly and quite immediately it's there because OUCH MY WALLET IS GOING TO TAKE A PUNISHING, but secondly, this salty little fellow is stinging because, for some, it's time to say goodbye.

As we move to the new (and hopefully improved) consoles, not everyone is going to make the jump with updated remasters and ports, and even more never truly got the love they deserved, and are likely to be lost to the sands of time.

So what better time than now to look back at not just the stone-cold classics of the previous console generation, but to the absolute gems that were buried before having a chance to shine? This is a list of games you owe it to yourself to play, and each brings something new to the table.

So, let's send them off with a loving and heartfelt toast. Cheers!

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Hand of Fate
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