10 Cruel Tricks Video Games Played On Co-Op Players

9. Making Players Fight Over Loot - Borderlands 2

A Way Out Ending

Though Borderlands 2's four-player co-op multiplayer was widely praised by critics, players absolutely loathed the game's bizarre shared loot system.

After felling a large boss, for example, the resulting loot would be left for players to divide by themselves, rather than giving each member of the party their own walled-off loot.

Human nature being what it is, even good friends playing together would try and pilfer the best legendary loot before anybody else could, as made for a hugely frustrating experience - especially if you were a sniper in position far away from your targets.

Gearbox claimed that the shared loot feature was a design choice intended to encourage co-operation, yet it was ultimately hilariously naive to expect people - especially randoms on the Internet - to be courteous about basically anything.

Thankfully they listened to the vocal feedback for Borderlands 3, with each player getting their own singular loot drop during co-op play, prompting the game's art director Scott Kester to proclaim, "No more loot ninjas!"

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