10 Cruelest Things We All Did In Famous Video Games

Did they really need to be set on fire? Did they REALLY?

Sims death on fire

Ever since games first started having protagonists, the player has practically always been cast into the role of the hero. You are the man with the power, the woman of the hour or whatever other escapist fantasy the developers have concocted for you.

As such, you will spend most of your time vanquishing monsters, saving helpless people and generally being as a heroic as Superman without the cape - unless you're actually playing as Superman, in which case you'll just have to see if you can use your eye lasers on an unsuspecting public.

As such, with games evolving as they have, so has the ability to allow players to make their own choices. Today there are many titles that allow the player to take on the role of villain - if only for a moment - causing pain and suffering to the denizens of the virtual world in which they temporarily reside. 

This isn't to say that there aren't any retro games that offer you the chance to be cruel, though. Whether that be the character you are controlling or poor NPCs whose entire worlds can be ruined by your actions, the potential for engaging in acts of cruelty might say as much about the player as it does about the developers. 

Gaming has constantly given you all manner of ways to be the sun-focussing magnifying glass to all manner of digital ants - and these are but a selection of the worst things we've all done in the name of 'experimentation'.

10. Making Rollercoasters Too Fast In Theme Park

Sims death on fire
The Plater View of Their Park

First released way back in 1994, the original Theme Park still stands today as one of the greatest management sims ever made, even in the face of newer rivals that offer improved technology and graphics.

Your aim was to take control of an empty plot of land and build a world-beating theme park, keeping your visitors happy in the process and winning awards for the quality of your combined attractions.

The key to profit was packing the park full of exciting rides while also ensuring that your research team continued to work on new developments, until they finally achieved the pinnacle - the rollercoaster.

This is where the creatively evil would start to plot the demise of some of the poor suckers who came to visit. Adding a ton of loop-de-loops and corkscrews in quick succession would be enough to make riders puke, but the ultimate evil act was to push the speed of the cars up to such a point that people riding the rollercoaster would be flung off into the distance, presumably to their deaths.

That will teach them for complaining about the price of fries.

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