10 Cult Gaming Classics That Deserved Mainstream Success

2. The Zone of the Enders Franchise

zone-of-the-enders-the-2nd-runner-600x300 Hideo Kojima struck an endless stream of gold with the renowned and infamous Metal Gear Solid franchise. His Zone of the Enders line of games offered something completely different; high speed robot action. The gameplay could occasionally feel repetitive but the typical Kojima characters and bosses were all plentiful and memorable. The short and sweet nature of the games ensured they never overstayed their welcome either. Of course bearing a heavy Anime and Japanese cultural influence worked against the series but at the time the gameplay was exhilarating. Maybe when Kojima is finished with Metal Gear Solid he can rehire Platinum Games (Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance) to create something truly frantic, hectic, and reflective of how far action games have come.

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