10 Cult Gaming Classics That Deserved Mainstream Success

10. The Parasite Eve Franchise

PE-PSN-Today Resident Evil and Final Fantasy were both highly lauded back in the fifth generation and even today despite major design overhauls contain legions of dedicated fans. Squaresoft in their prime had an ingenious concept of a game that smashed what people liked from both series into one totally new franchise. Parasite Eve ended up a shortly lived franchise for the PS1 that placed players in the shoes of NYPD rookie officer Aya Brea against a form of viral outbreak. The twist is that instead of traditional clunky tank movement and aim and fire survival horror, Parasite Eve offered a turn based battle system that used up your ammo funds. The marriage between the two genres was inventive complementing fantastic stories, but it never caught on. RPG's were over-saturated at the time and this series is just one of many that did not catch on. Today the franchise lives on through handheld games, which is admittedly better than having the franchise completely wiped from the face of the Earth.

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