10 Cult Gaming Classics That Deserved Mainstream Success

5. Psychonauts

psychonauts-600x300 Tim Schaefer has a very imaginative and vivid mind for creating charming worlds with colorful casts of characters. Psychonauts however is arguably the auteur€™s crowning achievement featuring an alive and wonderful 3D sandbox world for platforming. The summer camp setting offered a myriad of adventuring with an insane amount of collectables but the game really shines when Raz telepathically enters mini-worlds each representing another character's emotional baggage. It€™s definitely a strange game but coupling that with the already established PS2 platformers (that were much more accessible) including Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, and Jak & Daxter it is understandable most people did not go for Psychonauts too. It was just another case of oversaturation.

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