10 Cult Gaming Classics That Deserved Mainstream Success

4. Deadly Premonition

playstation_55647 If you have seen and enjoyed David Lynch€™s short-lived television series Twin Peaks than it is a guaranteed bet you will enjoy Deadly Premonition. The game follows a schizophrenic FBI Agent investigating a brutal murder of a young woman and contains a plethora of idiosyncratic characters to investigate and a bevy of twists throughout the game. So what worked against it? Honestly speaking, a LOT! There was a shoestring budget featuring abysmal graphics depicting everything as fake and cardboard looking. The story is presented with B movie style cheese which split critics and players alike. The original Xbox 360 release had horrible controls while the traditional shooting segments (though very sparse) were boring. For some final perspective, Deadly Premonition is widely considered the most polarizing video game ever created receiving a 10 from Destructoid and a 2/10 from IGN. Year mileage may vary but the experience is one of a kind. This author personally finds it brilliant and is buying an Xbox One (along with a PS4) to play SWERY's next title D4 which is an exclusive.

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