10 Cute Video Game Weapons (That DESTROYED You)

Don't let these adorable weapons deceive you.

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Most video games have a highly coveted weapon that destroys anything in its path. Doom's BFG can turn a room of demons into goo with a single blast. Turok's Cerebral Bore will suck the brain of any enemy in your proximity. James Bond's golden gun will kill anyone with one shot.

But there is another weapon that often stands out in video games - The cute one. These weapons aren't just put in as a joke - they are deliberately adorable so the enemy will let their guard down, allowing the weapon to rip them to shreds.

It sounds ridiculous but cute weapons kind of make sense. Who isn't going to be distracted when you see your enemy wielding a baby unicorn? Why would anyone think a gun that shoots chickens would be dangerous? Who would take their opponent seriously when their weapon is a blubbery seal?

Don't be mislead for a second by any of these weapons. They may look sweet and innocent. The urge to pet them and go "awww" may be overwhelming. But given the chance, they will eviscerate you in a heartbeat.

10. A Leprekaun - Mortal Kombat 11

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Mortal Kombat 11 introduced a new feature called Konsumables. By activating these artefacts before a match, your player can call upon all sorts of offensive and defensive accessories. Most of these items are exactly what you would expect. When your opponent is causing you trouble, you can shoot a barrage of shurikens, a Tarkatan blade, or a bloodied Sai.

But if you want the luck of the Irish on your side, you can use a Bloody Clover to summon the Leprekhaun. With the press of a button, this jolly fairyfolk will stroll by or glide on a rainbow cloud, singing a jovial Gaelic tune.

If the Leprekhaun touches the opposing kombatant, the Celtic fairy unleash a horde of coins or drop a pot of gold on them, blasting them into the air. Not only does this cause devastating damage, it gives the player a chance to perform a free hit.

Watching your opponent's face the first time you summon the Leprekhaun is priceless since they have no idea what's in store for them when they come into contact with the Irish chap.


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