10 Cute Video Game Weapons (That DESTROYED You)

8. Louie - Bomberman Series

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Hudson Soft

In the Bomberman series, our titular hero uses explosives to blast through labyrinth-like levels. In his adventures, Bomberman can pick up power-ups that gives the player abilities including enhanced speed, a remote detonator, or extra bombs.

But one of the best power-ups has to be the Louies. After hopping onto one of these space kangaroos, they will help our hero anyway they can. Even though these hopping critters look harmless, they are anything but.

Depending on which Louie you use, he or she can kick bombs into enemies, jump over blocks, or punch foes in submission. The Magiroo Louie may be the cutest (He has a top hat for crying out loud), but he's also the most lethal. While riding this fluffy marsupial he can line up eight bombs in an instant, giving enemies little time to escape the blast.

Because there is a Louie hidden in almost every level in multiplayer, it's fun (but terrifying) for you and your friends to scour the room relentlessly, knowing that the first person to find them will have a major advantage over his opponents.


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