10 Dark Souls Habits You Must UNLEARN To Beat Sekiro

Old habits die twice.

Sekiro Owl

If you've ever beaten a Dark Souls game, you've already learned some tough lessons.

You've spent hours trying to beat a boss that later haunted your nightmares. You've been ambushed by monsters and mangled by traps. You know what it's like to lose thousands of souls, screaming obscenities at the screen, all because you fumbled a button or fell off a cliff (sometimes both).

At this point, you understand failure is part of the process. Trying (and dying) over and over again teaches you to read enemy movement patterns and the "tells" for different attacks. It also helps you develop those pure reflexes and motor skills that eventually become pure muscle memory.

Along comes Sekiro. You'd think you'd get to translate some of those hard-earned skills from one From Software game to the next, but you'd be wrong. This is a whole other level of gitting gud.

If you're having trouble breaking through the wall, you may be hanging on to some old Dark Souls habits that aren't serving you well anymore. Here are ten Souls patterns to break for maximum impact in Sekiro.


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