10 Darkest Quests In Elder Scrolls History

10. The Sad Sorcerer - The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Elder Scrolls Morrowind

Before I kick this off I’ll point out that there’s no quests from Arena or Daggerfall on this list, but in my defence I was 4 when it came out and pretty busy with that kindergarten thing. That said, we are checking out the creepy quests of Morrowind, one of which is The Sad Sorcerer.

The quest name is probably a giveaway that things aren’t going to go to plan here but they don’t seem so dire from the outset. The wizard Inworld has found himself imprisoned by his magical scamp creations who have forced him to wear a funny hat and a skirt. Unfortunately it turns out that our new shirtless friend was part of a smuggler crew and when one of his spells backfired he accidentally killed all of his comrades.

But wait! It gets worse.

The only way he’s survived this long is that the scamps have been feeding him his companions in soup form. Ew. Once you’ve gotten him out of there he’ll offer you his skirt and hat, or you can forego those and get a reputation point. Aren’t you lovely.


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