10 Darkest Quests In Elder Scrolls History

9. Questionable Contract - The Elder Scrolls Online

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Bethesda Softworks

From all the way back in the Morrowind era we’re zipping forward to The Elder Scrolls Online.

There are a tonne of differences between these titles but some things never change. In this case it’s The Elder Scrolls’ penchant for including quests with a bit of cannibalism. In this misadventure a mage has been hired to help clear out a forest for a Bosmer village who are looking to expand their beehives. Seems simple enough. Except the village people who hired a mage in the first place in fact don’t trust mages and want some collateral. Fine. Pay at the end of the job? Hang on to some precious artefact of his? Nah, they just go ahead and hold his wife hostage.

She did offer herself up though as she’s pretty keen on the town’s mead. Does that make it better? I don’t know.

When you happen across this poor sucker he’s almost out of time to complete the contract which is a pretty big problem as the consequences for not finishing on time are that he has to eat his wife. Yeah, not ‘she dies’ or ‘he dies’, they’ll straight up make him eat his wife. Well of course you don’t let that happen and the whole thing ends with a Daedric altar messing things up, an actual Daedric Prince, and a talking dog.

I think that’s the only talking animal I’ve got on this list, unfortunately.


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