10 Darkest Vaults In Fallout History

The real nastiest things to happen in a Fallout vault discovered and explained.

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A little while ago I made a video about the darkest quests in Elder Scrolls history and some of you guys asked for a video covering the darkest vaults in Fallout history. Well, your wish is my slightly disturbing command ‘cause I’m going to cover just that.

I thought I was pretty across all of the nastiest things to happen in a Fallout vault but some of the vaults I dug up are real outside the box levels of morbid.

If you know anything about Fallout, you know Vault-Tec were not the coolest. For the uninitiated, the corporation created a network of Fallout bunkers to protect humans in the event of nuclear holocaust. So that’s all well and good but they took it a little far. Okay, they took it a lot far.

Vault-Tec opted to use its vaults to run experiments and trials on their respective inhabitants in order to fulfill various hypotheses and redefine society. These tests involved everything from throwing in a handful of men and women with one panther to forcing humans into conditions that would turn them into super-soldiers. Some of these went down swimmingly, the vast, vast majority did not.

Let’s dig into those.

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